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counter strike, ut2003, fps games in general, some anime, overclocking athlon XP processors, care and feeding of bicycles, inappropriate locations for the use of paintball blowpipes
better to be thought an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt
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Born 1st September 1979 at around 4.30pm, or so I'm reliably informed. I don't remember it. I remember my sister being born - I threw a hairbrush at her, and missed.

Died: Not yet and judging by my age, sex and personal habits probably not for another 50 years or so - plenty of time to put my plans for world domination into effect laughs.

I havn't done anything interesting with my life as yet as I have only just graduated from Edinburgh university with a degree in Biochemistry. so I have basically been in full time education or dead end jobs to pay for my education ever since I can remember.

My main interests are cycling, trying to overclock my computer in such a way as it doesn't crash if I look at it funny, playing Counterstrike and UT2003, and playing badminton. As well as the usual interests of a healthy 23 year old man - namely parting and trying to attract the attention of members of the opposite sex in such a way as to avoid getting slapped and/or run away from screaming.

As for what the future holds for me: I really hope thats it is in no way related to biochemistry as I've had 4 years of it and am thoroughly sick of it.

When I can think of something more to write or a way of editing what is above to appear more interesting than it really is I'll do it.

Disclaimer: the above text liable to modification without notice and in style dependant on my current whims, how pissed off I am at that time, and my state of inebriation. I take no resposibility for the total irrelevance of the above.

Caution: contents hot when heated! Do not eat! Keep away from minors! Keep hands away from moving parts! If in doubt; poke with sharp stick!