Exit Date
Inspired by a node title by JohnnyGoodyear

Dramatis Personae
A man. A woman. A wait person. Another woman.


A woman is seated alone at a table. A man is seated alone at another table nearby. They ignore each other. A wait person stands to one side.

The man surreptitiously takes a small ring box from his pocket, opens it to check that he has the ring inside, and then pockets it.

Another woman enters. She proceeds to the man's table and sits down. The wait person offers her a menu.

WOMAN: (impatient) No. I'll only be here a minute.

She waves the wait person away. Exuent wait person.

MAN: Honey...
WOMAN: Just shut up and listen.

She pulls out a check list or Palm Pilot and begins ticking items off as she reads each bullet.


She hands him something.

  • ... and here's your toothbrush. (laughs cruelly)
    I, uhm, wouldn't use it.
MAN: But ...
WOMAN: (emphatic) No buts! You're shallow. You don't communicate. You're never spontaneous. And you can't commit.
MAN: Look ...
WOMAN: (angry) We're over, mister! Don't call, don't visit, don't bug my friends.

She stand up and leaves. He sags back in the chair and exhales noisily. The woman at the next table turns toward him.

MAN: Yeah.

He gets out of the chair and goes to one knee in front of her.

MAN: Will you marry me?