Actually there isn't much to add after MythBuster's write-up but I couldn't believe my eyes after I upvoted her: She had -3 while SB5 had +3 with her wu, full of mistakes.

I'm one of those darned leftist punks who still think that there hasn't been True Communist state. Still, I agree pretty much with matsmats and MythBuster i.e. there will not be one.

First of all, SB5 was right only saying that True Communism was something Karl Marx dreamed about. But there wasn't goddamn government nor one religion in his True Communism. He never wrote a lot on the coming societies but you should all read Grundrisse to get any idea what True Communism was for Marx.
MythBuster is very much right that the proper definition is missing. In Grundrisse Marx wrote that no transition period would be needed i.e. we can overcome capitalism without transition period called socialism.
There's some debate over whether the term "transition" was ever properly translated leading into catastrophes of Russia etc..

So, as far as I know my Marx, True Communism is defined by following properties:

  • No government, no state
  • Property/possession relations of capitalism have been overcome
  • No classes
  • There's no difference between urban and rural areas
  • Everyone's needs are fulfilled
  • Everyone contributes as they are able to
Simple as that.

Finally some notes for SB5:
- Lenin was on the right path? Don't you remember Kronstadt?
- Aye, Hitler was elected but the Nazi party build up the dictatorship afterwards, against constitution.