A book by Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting.

Glue tells about four boys growing up in schemes of Edinburgh:

Juice Terry
The corkscrew-haided cunt fucks every lassie around and excells in avoiding work: coincidically a couple of fires break out in the places Juice Terry is working at.

Billy the boxer
Birrell means business. Billy could have made it big time in the boxing ring but sudden disease prevents his title chase. However, the status of local sporting hero was maintained and Business Bar flourishes.

Carl, the "Milky Bar Kid"
N-sign drops the killer beats from his decks. Music takes Carl in the Top of the Pops and back to underground raves.

The life of wee Gally is fucked. He goes to the prison for a crime he didn't commit - only because he "nivir grass a friend". And mind you, that Polmont cunt never was his friend in the first place. His first shot of intravenous drugs results HIV and finally Gally jumps off for good.

Some sociological retrospective of conditioning of working class and culture can be read between the lines. However, the paths of the boys depart in their twenties illustrating, if you like, recently found trends of individualism in modern life. Some facts of life remain untouched as music changes from punk to techno and intoxicants from beer to E.

The book features also short visits by the anti-heroes of Trainspotting. I am just waiting for the next episode for Welsh should collect all these characters and events together in pretty much same fashion as Gilbert Hernandez did with Palomar.