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University of California - Santa Barbara
"y sť que sigo y sigo porque sigo / y canto porque canto y porque canto" - Pablo Neruda, "Plenos Poderes"
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I do not create/ I am art/
I am fashioned in an element/
representation/ of a style/
in the bare /minimalism /genre/
of all whom can/ defined as myself/
Not to create/ no ingenuity/
No semblance of form/
Ideas embodied/ in symbolism/
That /I make/
My words/ simply are/ and I
am/ them /their incarnation/
/Dadaist revelations/
what revolutionaries/
wanted to create/ to imitate/
the world/ well I am/
well I am the world/
I am a cell/ I am all/
/I am one in the
infinite/ I am nothing/
all at/ the same time/
formless/ inconceivable/
/I do not control/ a/
I just am/ /just be who /I am/
I am/ I/ /I/ /