Humans must be the only animal in the world that does, ever has, and ever will do, worry. We become anxious, agitated and stressed when we think about and predict future events in our lives that possibly or definitely will become our reality, at some point or another. Thus this gives us the power to change events that will lead to the event that is causing the worry, to not become a reality, thus, our passage in life will be perceived to be easier and smoother.

This is an example of free will, we shape our future, we acknowledge that we travel through time, name me one other animal on this dirtball that know’s about time, and space, and physics, or fucking anything. Can you even comprehend how far ahead we are of every other single species on this planet, and we race ahead faster and faster, at the start of the century we couldn’t even fly, by the end of it we’ve been to the fucking moon, do you even know how hard it is to get to the fucking moon, I’ll tell you, pretty fucking hard.

Yeah so “worry”, that’s a puzzlement isn’t it folks.