Norwegian author and translator of children's literature, born in 1945 in Trysil. Haugen has studied German language and literature, art history and literary criticism. He made his literary debut in 1973.

The novel The Night Birds from 1975 is Haugen's most frequently translated work. While his early works were clearly anchored in a tradition of realism, Haugen has later moved towards the fantasy genre, finding his inspiration in folk tales and myths, national and foreign. His 1989 novel Skriket fra jungelen ("The Scream from the Jungle") is often considered the first post-modern novel of Norwegian children's literature. Haugen has been honoured with numerous award, nationally and internationally, and in 1990 he received the Hans Christian Andersen Award for children's literature.

Said Haugen in an interview: "I write about the necessity of dreams, about the strength and creativity of the imagination. The dream is a powerful driving force. Any action starts with a dream and a vision."