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Hi, I'm Lardy. I ate all the pies, fat bastard me.

I'm using this page as a kind of diary for my weight loss project. I also hope to node about various related topics. I might try my hand at diet daylogging if I can think of something interesting to say.

I weigh 95 Kg (209 lb). I reckon I'd be happy if I got down to 80 Kg (176 lb), which is a nice round number. Therefore I need to burn 15 Kg (33 lb) of pure lard. The interweb tells me that I need to burn 3500 calories to get rid of one pound of lard. (This doesn't quite correspond to the calorific value of fat, it's complicated...) A daily deficiency of 500 calories seems reasonable, so this translates into one pound lost per week.

2005/10/09    I've been very busy lately, but I've not forgotten this goal.

2005/09/12    A new start.