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I believe E2 may be the most significant collaborative knowledge collection and indexing project in our history. I am thrilled to be a part of it.
a few typically geeky interests, primarily related to computing science, web design, anime, and elements of Japanese culture from a westerner's perspective
University of Alberta - 3rd year Math major / CompSci minor
Nuthin'. Whassa motto with you?
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I've been an E2 browser for years, and when I recently decided to dip my fingers into the nodegel and get an account, I was surprised (nay, shocked!) to discover that I'd already signed up almost three years ago.

I will preserve my previous homenode message for posterity, or possibly just for amusement. O, those halcyon days of youth!

Hey-hey-hey, I gets my very own space to rant and rave and ramble and do other r-worded activities and construct awkward, ungainly run-on sentences that my English teachers would shoot me for if they ever saw.

Oh, wait.. that's what my website is for!

At some point I'll fill this space up with all sorts of interesting things that no one else will ever read or care about anyway, but not right now.

Take care, everyone!

I will also come up with something more interesting to add in here in the near future. For the moment, though, you can read my livejournal at if you care to. I have a website, but there's nothing there yet.

And now, on to noding!