The city at the center of time in a book of the same name written by Edward Bryant. It's located on concentric shifting time belts so that time closer in to the center of the city passes much faster than time on the outskirts. At the very center of the city is believed to be a rip in time. No one is certain where this hypothetical rip would lead if one were to step through. Their is no central government, saving that of Terminex the ultimate though only intermittently sane computer.

"Entrances to Cinnabar are both near and far. Look beyond the mirror...follow the yellow brick road...turn left at the north star and straight on till morning."

The world that Cinnabar has sprung up on has no name and indeed almost no features. A set of train tracks leads into the city from out of the desert. At the other end of the tracks is rumoured to lie the city of Els but no one living can say for sure whether that place exists or no.