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Well for the time being, I'm not going to go into too much depth (gasp). Having been online for almost 2 decades now, I am going to wait and see before I waste too much time on a bio here.


So far all I've read on this site is the FAQ and Everything University (Whats that you say? A user who actually reads the docs first?). Sorry I'm not linking just yet, right now I'm just setting up my account. I'll edit those in later as I learn the site. If I can't edit this later, then I'll just let things die naturally as I move on to other sites. But this is a bio, not a log file, so a little bit more about me is in order.

About Me:

Well, my education is mostly chemistry. I've worked as a chemist for about the past ten years doing contract work. That means I don't work for anyone in particular, I just whore from project to project. In the time between I work with my family's firm (a small CPA group) handling the "computer stuff", as they put it. It fills in the gaps.

As a contract chemist I've worked on everything from anti-cancer drugs to chocolate covered cornflakes, and many many things in between. If its FDA regulated, I've probably stuck my nose in it somewhere. Contract work is really fun as a chemist as it lets you take a peek at just about everything, as long as you have a secondary source of funding to fall back on during breaks between projects. I mean, what other job can you have where one day you are learning and making food for the world, and then spend the next day examining how someone is trying to make water-soluble chemical weapons? I really consider myself a professional student. Strangely, some people actually pay you to learn for them from time to time; I rather enjoy it.