Among ravers, the word vibe is a topic of great discussion. Lately the debate is whether the vibe is still alive in our scene. People often say "That party had no vibe whatsoever," but what is the vibe? Why is it so important?

A vibe is a difficult concept to wrangle with words, but it's very easy to feel a vibe. A vibe is the mark of a great rave. Good parties graduate to magical status with the presence of a vibe. A vibe will imprint a night into your memory forever; you will never forget a rave that had a vibe. Of course, a vibe can exist in varying degrees. Certain parties may have a little vibe while the vibe at others can be so thick that it just envelops you.

What makes a vibe?
Is it the music? The DJ? The people? The venue?
It's everything. Excellent music is a plus. A DJ that loves what he/she does can only help. The people create and prolong the vibe. A party where everyone is up dancing, and supporting the DJ is almost guaranteed to have a vibe. Although it's nice to have a good, clean, dry venue a vibe can overcome any defects the venue may have. A vibe is a feeling that everyone at the party is somehow connected. Everyone smiles at each other. There is no drama or animosity towards one another. You don't have to ask for water, people offer you water or soda or juice. People give you candy (wearable or edible), or acknowledge your presence with a smile and a nod. You can go up to anyone and talk to them. When a DJ is spinning and your dancing your ass off you can't help but smile. The next day your face hurts because you smiled all night.

A lot of people would say that there is no vibe at a rave; everyone's on drugs and none of the feelings are real. That is horrifically untrue. Yes, drugs can help a vibe along, but they are not necessary for a vibe to exist. I have been to many parties completely sober, and the vibe was overwhelming, and I have been to parties fucked up beyond belief where a vibe was barely traceable.

This past Friday, I felt a vibe like none other at a party in Springfield, MO where DJ Spree was spinning. He spun a two-hour set, and I don’t think a person in that place sat down for those entire two hours. People sang the words of the familiar anthems to one another. “Only love can set you free” “Can you feel the passion running through my veins, driving me insane” The words are cheesy, but with a vibe they seem to be the most perfect truths ever uttered. Ravers have been criticized for being a bunch of drugged up delinquents, but with my experience I have never found a place with more love, care, and acceptance than a rave that has a vibe. Our love for music brings us together in a way that transcends time and space. For one magical night we all love each other and the world is perfect.