You burn too bright
You live too fast
This can't go on too long...

...You're a Tragedy starting to happen...



Brit pop band from Manchester. As far as i know, they have published one record so far, entitled Asleep in the Back. They have two EPs as well, meant to be complimentary to each other, titled Any Day Now and Newborn. Their music is very airy and ethereal, with undertones of urgency and, at times, ranging from feelings like desperation, obsession, and dementia to blind love and admiration. I've listened to the record several times and it seems to me to be a story of falling in/out of infatuation and love with the same person, though i could be wrong.

Now that i've made them sound rather scary, let me assure you that they are an absolutely amazing band definitely worth taking a look at. They've been compared to Radiohead's OK Computer days, a comparison which works as far as their song structure and complexity goes. They, however, describe themselves differently:

"...began to evolve a new sound, wherein driving organ, star-kissed guitars, Guy's fallen-angel vocals and tough grooves were merged into (sometimes eight-minute long!) songs. Songs that owe as much to 60's folk and prog-rockers King Crimson - "We've described ourselves as prog-rock with no solos," offers Guy, unapologetically - as they do the quicksilver melodic rock of The Stone Roses, or funk influences like Sly Stone." (quoted from

The band Consists of Guy Garvey, who writes all the bands' songs as well as does lead and backing vocals, plays the guitar along with various other instruments ranging from the analog synthesizer to wine glasses. Mark Potter does Acoustic and Electric Guitars, as well as Backing Vocals. Craig Potter plays Piano, Organ, does backing vocals and a range of other various instruments. Pete Turner plays the Bass guitar for the band and Richard Jupp is the drummer.

If you're interested in a full and extensive bio, there's a completely in-depth one on the band's website,

If you're interested in checking them out for yourself, find a way to go out an listen to their bigger singles, "Red" and "Newborn," as well as "Coming Second" and "Powder Blue." This should give you a pretty good idea of the Band's range and depth.