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I'm new to e2, but I'm liking it. My biggest interests are music, video games, computers, and juggling. I listen/drum to Tool, Radiohead, Bush, Cake, Weezer, and Bad Religion. Some of my favorite console/computer games include Grim Fandango, the Legacy of Kain series, MegaMan (particularily X), Half-Life, and the Legend of Zelda series. I've designed websites for over 3 years, using various tools such as Photoshop, CSS, Javascript, and Flash. As far as juggling goes, I'm learning to manipulate 5 balls at once and 4 clubs at once.

If you have AOL or AIM, contact me at 'JugglinMike', if you feel compulsed to.

Sometimes something will be up here, so check that out.

Mark: Okay, Mike, dinners here. Lucky Charms and Coke!
What a great brother!

/msg me about anything video-game, music, juggling, or computer related. I'm looking for someone to read over my Raziel biography, so if anyone's played Soul Reaver and Soul Reaver 2, I'd love to hear from you.