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Perhaps one day, relieved from the pressure of assignments from which I am now procrastinating, I'll come back and make this bio more clever and interesting. Until now, it's the bare basics.

Name: Daniel Robinson
Age: 24
Studies: Law, Philosophy, Italian

I like writing. I like Augie March, whose music is superceded in beauty only by the poeticism and profundity of the lyrics.

I have a homepage now -

It is intentional that my user name is spelt differently here than at livejournal. 'John Kavelli', or 'Jonkavelli' as it is here, is a friend's drunken mispronunciation of 'vodka jelly'. It has now come to symbolise the invisible guest at every good party. If your party was shit, it's because John Kavelli was not there.

Recently, I decided to make it look less like a name so that people online would stop calling me John and start calling me Daniel again.

That is all.