Meditation in a nutshell
Meditation heals your inner psyche, lessens your need for sleep, makes you smarter, facilitates happiness and health. Within 10 minutes and with experience, your need for oxygen drops by 16 to 18 percent as compared to deep sleep which takes around four hours and the need for oxygens drops to only 8 percent. In time, meditation becomes a pleasurable euphoric experience. Low but powerful braiwaves such as Alpha, Delta and Theta manifest and give you superpowers!. This is because trained conditioning optimizes your body's and brain's metabolism. You will need less sleep yet feel and actually be more refreshed and invigorated. Subconsciously you affect your surroundings. People around you will feel more relaxed, calm and their stress will lessen.

Working Principles: Stillness. Straight back. Abstinence from stimulants.
Zen method: Still the mind. Don't resist thoughts but neither give energy to it. Let them fade out on their own. Observe them, act like a third party to the thoughts and do not identify with then.
Yoga : Focus on a chakra (Energy center). The most popular and recommended are the center of the forehead and the heart. If it helps, imagine a ball of light at the chakras.
Mantra : Perform the Yoga method but with a mantra (sound). It is said that the universe resonates with a sound of OM. Silently or vocalizing this sound is said to harmonize the psyche with the universe.
I meditate 30 minutes twice (total of one hour)a day.