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Undercover in the Santa Monica branch of the CIA......oops, I didn't mean that.
Get the number right.
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LA Times calls his nodes "stupendous artforms that will keep you at the edge of your seat."

USA Today says he's "a frightening, heart-pounding thriller".

The Wall Street Journal says "he's the scariest thing to hit the internet since childporn".

He is....


Joe14 is a busy, busy boy. He likes to read, he likes to watch tv, and above all, he likes to sleep. As you indulge into the world of Joe14, you will be dazzled by the sheer excitement, the joy, the shocking amounts of action that can be packed into each day that Joe14 graces the sidewalks, the classrooms, and brothels....oops, I didn't mean that.

Today, August 23rd, 5:18 in the afternoon, we turn to Joe14's natural habitat: the bed. Yes, folks, here is where Joe14 can usually be found. No, he's not just sleeping! He's thinking. He's recuperating his energy. He's recharging himself for the next adventure, the next time he has to swing from vine to vine saving hot blondes from dark and, frankly, messy fates. Joe14 is a hero! An athlete! A womaniser!.....oops, I didn't mean that.

On a more serious note, I must add that Joe14 is not what he may seem to be, get my drift? That's right, his name isn't really Joe14! It's Joe. Had you there, eh? But few seem to know that, few catch on fast enough. Few realise. It's okay, though, if you at least get the number right. Once, his grandmother called him Joe15, on Joe14's fifteenth birthday, thinking the number represented his age. Joe14 went into a rage. And not just any rage. It was a proper Joe14 rage. And they aren't a pretty sight. Joe14 rolled up a comic book and proceeded to chase his grandmother around the living room, swinging that comic book like there was no tomorrow. I'm serious: get the number right.