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Jhrulith is the cyber-pseudonym of some guy who found out that objective reality is the antithesis of creativity. Jhrulith is from Jhrulrahn and is the head of the Jhrulhru Synod. My interests include: Politics, Music, paper and penci.l RPG's of the late 20th century (excluding White Wolf schlock, I really find the World of Darknessrules to be irritating), really nifty hats, substance abuse to lead to a muse and to further subjective reality, reading, being .paranoid, wearing cheezy hawaiian t-shirts, eating pizza, cultural history, history, historical politics, playing 1st person shooter games, I love playing Age of Empires and it's upgrade, RoR. My ICQ # is 8 digits long, and i usually am. under this name nomatter where i am ICQ, IRC, and email at
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