Killed: rayh's writeup in Tolkien Fanatic. Total Content: "That would be me..." Buh-bye.

Killed: smurfbags' writeup in John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. Total Content: "Full name of J.R.R. Tolkien". Sigh. I left the nodeshell, 'cause it would be really cool if someone filled it with something decent hint hint. Or at least put something useful and informative in the J.R.R. Tolkien node...

Killed: DoctorNo's writeup in track. It was a "See Also" writeup, but the user requested the nuke, so there was no penalty.

Killed:: randofu's writeup in Misty, get Starmie out of there!. First it was stupid and juvenile, then it was blank. It was down to -6 when I got to it very soon after its creation. Also nuked the nodeshell.

Zapped Nodeshells: Two created through the everyone account by, one assumes, DMan. The first was DMan was backstabbed by the saintly sensei (methinks the sentence is exactly backwards), and the second was Don't nuke any more of DMan's nodes. It's like hitting a cripple. ("Hitting a cripple"? Sounds like fun. Maybe I'll do it again...)

More Zapped Nodeshells: another one created through the everyone account called why Shanoyu sees Deborah909 as the epitome of everything he loathes about Harvard. Hmm, I think I'd suspect Shanoyu of creating that one.