Trauma, death, and despair! In the fifth game of the Mega Man series, Megaman has been called into action once more- the world needs a savior once again. However, this time, it is not the evil Dr. Wily or the secretive Dr. Cossack who threatens to destroy the world... this time, it is Megaman's brother, the mysterious Proto Man. While he has worked for Dr. Wily in the past, he has also worked for the just cause of peace- but this time, he is the one who is responsible for this mess. Proto Man has kidnapped Dr. Light and constructed eight new Robot Masters, and Megaman must take up arms once again to save the day.

The new feature introduced in Mega Man 5 is the addition of Beat, the robotic helper bird. By collecting enough letters to spell out MEGAMANV, Beat becomes a weapon option- when activated, he flies around and shoots stuff on the screen while you, the player, concentrate on more important things like those damned disappearing blocks.

Presenting the Robot Masters of Mega Man 5, in no particular order:
After defeating the eight bosses, Megaman's raid into Proto Man's Ominous Fortress (mandatory for all major villains) concludes with a battle between Proto Man and Proto Man- well, a clone of Proto Man and the REAL Proto Man. Dr. Wily, the evil genius that he is, made a robot that could change its appearance to look like Proto Man. Obviously, Proto Man was set up as a patsy so Dr. Wily could work his evil schemes, and Megaman heads off to defeat Dr. Wily- which he does after another trip through Wily's newest fortress. The day is saved!

Graphically speaking, Mega Man 5 demonstrated some of the best-ever utilization of the Nintendo Entertainment System's capabilities. However, it was also produced in the dawn of the age of the Super Nintendo- while the spark in the game isn't quite dead yet, it's on its last legs compared to the other, more popular games in the series produced prior to this one.