In Legend of the Five Rings, the Akasha is the name for the collective consciousness of the Naga. It is essentially the wellspring of souls from which the newborn Naga are drawn, and is where their spirits return to when they die- bringing their experiences with them into the pool, enriching the race as a whole.

The Akasha's nature is less that of a hive mind than it is a shared awareness- individuality is encouraged in the young, and is in fact expected of more mature Naga. In the L5R RPG, the Akasha trait is the Naga analog for the (purely human) Void trait, reflecting their spiritual harmony with the spirit of their race.

Unfortunately, the fate of the Naga is inextricably linked to that of the Akasha. As the years passed in the times before the fall of the Kami, the Naga noticed a disturbing trend- fewer children were being clutched, and even fewer hatched. The problem was traced to a fault in the Akasha, and the cure ended up being their doom. Now, the Naga have gone to rest once more, after having done their part in two great wars- the world belongs to the humans, now. When it is their time again, they will wake... but who knows what kind of world they will see in the years ahead?

Also, in the aftermath of the Legacy of the Naga storyline tournament for the CCG, the Unicorn Clan was rewarded for their victory with a human Personality who bears the name Akasha, as well as the legacy of the now-sleeping race.