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I am actually complex, but here I am a jade plant. Instead of being a blurry hologram, I'm a water-packing succulent.


Complex's surname, Confusion was given to him by Episkapose Gorm; apparently confusion is one of Complex's talents.

Please do not be confused: Complex Confusion is probably not the same person as the E2 user Complex. He is definitely the same person as JadePlant.

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Fellow Beginners & Newbies


<Attn: Fruan>

Thanks for coming here to read this. My message was getting too long for the chatterbox.

With regards to the carnivore writeup: Thanks for noding DCS 1000. I thought that would be considered an unnecessary duplicate node, so I avoided making it. (Now I know better.) It also looks like you added a DCS1000 link to Legabede's (sp?) wu of carnivore --am I right? Thanks, again, if so-- that solves the problem of no hard link from Carnivore to DCS1000.

I'm sorry you thought my writeup was "a pointless whiney writeup about a problem." I thought it was the best way for me to add a hard link from Carnivore to DCS1000, which I read and searched for and did not find on the carnivore node.

As to talking to someone who can fix the lack of cross-linking, I did drop a comment in the Node Title Edit node. I did that because, as I said before, I thought that making the slightly different node DCS 1000 would be wrong.

Thanks for your corrections to me and to the nodes.

</Attn: Fruan>


2002/01/23 January 23, 2002
So far today, haven't snapped at anyone (!) tho' did get angry once or twice.
So far this year, I have missed two Day Separators by sleeping less than 4 hours. Did I sleep an extra Day Separator last Saturday?

Notes for Write-Ups


Write up a detailed description. There is currently nothing!

Nice day for a poodle is also screaming for a straight write-up. Research what the best times are for poodle adoption, and come up with the best day?


Also spelled "Episkapos." (JP: consider using material from, bylaws for a Christian group, which gives a def (correct?) for this spelling.. Ditto: disco example of this spelling, used as a title, at:

Merriam Webster (online) gives following for Bishop: "Function: noun Etymology: Middle English bisshop, from Old English bisceop, from Late Latin episcopus, from Greek episkopos, literally, overseer, from epi- + skeptesthai to look -- more at SPY Date: before 12th century " Summarize & quote.

Though the Pope is Bishop of Rome (according to m-w def for Pope), this would mean Episkapose doesn't necessarily mean Pope (which, apparently, actually meant Papa), but does mean bishop. Well enough. But then, if everyone is a certified POPE, is everyone not a certified EPISKAPOSE?

I still need the Discordian origin of the word!

Hard link to POPE Cards.


Perhaps for mentor Gamaliel

  1. Once a node has the max 100 soft links, can another link bump #100 out of the way? Or is it impossible for another link to get onto the list at all, making it impossible for the 101st soft link to increase in "value"?
  2. Explain #s next to my write-ups in my XP data page...



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