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Freelance, Home Educated. No, I'm not a Christian, Creationist or similar. Damn that annoys me, but I know why Americans make the assumption...
Adversus solem ne loquitor
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I'm a writer. By which I mean I write. A lot. I've earned money at it, but primarily I write because the stories and characters that occur to me won't go away until I put them down on the page.

Beyond my writing, which is almost entirely Fantasy, I teach martial arts and self-defence. I have over twenty years karate, besides experience of many other styles. I've taught professionally, but found that making money from martial arts changes the nature of it into something ugly; I train and study for my personal development, I teach it to help others, and material gain has no place in that equation.

Politically, I'm Left-Wing; I don't accept that anyone has the right to live in luxury while others labour to feed their families. I'm an atheist, in so far as I believe that there is no omnipotent entity governing the universe; if anyone can make a metaphysical argument for a definition of God that excludes a conscious mind, then I'm listening.

I'm here to publicise my writing and get feedback to make it better; all comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.