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James Boone Dryden is the owner and founder of JB Dryden Company. Founded in 2006, it was formed to cater to the fantasy and science fiction small press community. He received a Bachelor’s of Arts in English-Creative Writing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2005. He has worked as a freelance editor since 2004 and is currently the Associate Editor at Carnifex Press, a small press publisher that focuses in Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction. Mr. Dryden is also an active participant in the local writing community as a critique editor for various, free writers’ workshops.

Currently, the expertise of the JB Dryden Company lies within the realms of genre fiction, mainstream fiction, and literary fiction. The JB Dryden Company does have a few restrictions. Please do not send us fiction of any of the following styles: romance, slasher/gore, pornography, political material, or religious material.