Neveron is a free online strategy games. You can choose to create your own empire or become a member of an empire.

Creating your own empire is usually more difficult but as an Emperor you can do almost everything. Create buildings/arena, recruit troops, research, etc.

You earn money by fighting in arenas or through tax. Create an arena and set up its guards. If you're attacked and you can defend your arena you'll receive lots of money.

You can even recruit fellow player to be your troop leader. So you can leave the battle in capable hands and concentrate on expanding your empire. If you grow large enough you'll have lots of towns and units. You can raise one of your troop leader to be a baron of your town and let him handle the town.

On the other hand joining an existing empire also has some benefits. You will concentrate on fighting and leave the mundane administration tasks to the Emperor. If the Emperor is pleased with your performance he may advance your rank giving you more freedom (and responsibilities). If the Empire is large enough and you are in favor, the Emperor may give you some zone to command. That is you can become his vassal king.

In short :
Emperor : harder, lots of strategic decisions
Member : concentrate on battles, less freedom

Internet Explorer 5.1 is needed to play neveron.