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I'm not a muscle bound martial artist, but a dedicated one all the same. I am a 16 year practitioner of Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, and considered 3rd generation. I am, without a doubt, a complete pacifist and have only used my knowledge of the fighting arts once. I condone its application simply because my life was being threatened in a mugging incident.

I am more powerful than God

Yet more wicked than the Devil

If you eat me you die

And the man who has everything needs me

What am I?

/msg me with the answer and you will be posted on my homenode and win gloating rights (as well as XP once I reach level 2)

And the noders who can brag (in the order in which I was /msg the correct answer) are:

  • nightshadow

  • DyRE

  • Pseudo_Intellectual

  • Starke

  • TallRoo

  • loquacious

  • Impartial

  • Oolong

Of all of my blessed talents of expression, writing appears to be the one God skimped on. So I suppose I'll keep at it until someone stops me, or I have the good sense to cease on my own.

If nothing else, you can watch the monkey have fun with the keyboard.

Thank you to the two users that forced me on here in the first place: nightshadow & impishlaugh. I've found a place to vent a little and spread a little of what I know. or is it "what little I know"...sheesh

I used to be roommates with a guy named Chris. He was a schizophrenic and didn't care if everyone in his head knew it.

I'm a fight director for stage and film. I finished my first film about four months ago. It's an "indy but a goody" called The Crusader. The fight choreography is what I would call top-notch ametuer. I finally got to see it on the big screen June 20th at the Belcourt Theater in Nashville during the Renegade Independant Film Festival. I think it was the greatest moment of my life. If you like, you can download the trailer and more from . It's good stuff. You'll see...

All the world is a play, and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?
Walt Whitman