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Gerard Willems - Stuart & Sons Piano - Beethoven - Complete Piano Sonatas
I would kill to play so well. Sigh.

Radiohead - Amnesiac
...let's go down the waterfall, have ourselves a good time; it's nothing at all...

Radiohead - Kid A
...i'll laugh until my head comes off, i'll swallow till i burst...

Lamb - Fear of Fours's in your eyes and the way you move; you got music in your step...

Tool - Lateralus
...doomed to crumble unless we grow, strengthen our communication...


Haruki Murakami - South of the Border, West of the Sun (Lost! Curses!)

Haruki Murakami - Underground (queued)

Douglas Hofstadter - Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid

Douglas Hofstadter - Metamagical Themas

Joseph Conrad - Heart of Darkness