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Hi! My name is Ian, and I'm gwenllian's son. I'm 11, and my birthday is July 17, 1997. I go to 5th grade at Happy Hollow Elementary School in West Lafayette, IN. I live with my mom, my sisters Rowan and Maya, and alex/Apatrix.

I've been to several nodermeets so far - Squished tubers and dead bird: an orphans' Thanksgiving, Nothing says hardcore like Kansas in January: an Everything, Kansas proof of concept, A tail of two monkeys, We miss our friends: a dysfunctional noder family reunion, Hot damn! 5, the There goes the neighborhood! series, and the Children of the Corny series. There have now been too many to list.

I'm currently very into Ben10, Star Wars, Bionicle, and anything similar. I just started playing clarinet.