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Here I am, the last and first place I want to be. When the day is over and I finally cash my chips in this is what I have. "Hello Hew, please don't turn me off yet," "I am the glowing digital representation of yourself, you, Hew." Oh, Ive dabbled in antiquinarianism, in drugs, and lies. It's just nice to have a place to crash, virtually that is. I hug myself and go to sleep, perchance to dream. My bed is really very nice if there are other werewolf transvestites out there>

Now I have moved to Guadalajara, Mexico. A wonderful place if you ever go there. I have turned myself into a willing expatriot. The phrase means more and more as history unfolds. Its a bit hotter here, but I dont mind as long as my best friend and lifelong mate accompanies me. I search for a job, an anamoly in the Mexican-North American state of affairs. I come here to find a job and life while so many come from here to there. I miss my friends.