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"To the learned it is given to be learnedly foolish." Thomas Hobbes
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A rogue archivist and legal consultant, during my career I represented many plaintiffs in suits to halt harassment by supernatural entities. I advised the federal commission that codified the rights of both the spirit and the host in possession cases. My wife Fayaway and I travel extensively in pursuit of our hobbies, which include the study of the occult and psychic phenomena, re-reading the great works of world literature, and the pursuit of rare protozoa. When we come to rest for any amount of time, it usually in one of three places: a grass hut in the South Pacific Island of Typee, a geodesic dome in Malibu Lake, California, or a seventeenth century mansion in the Catskills, which we share with the shades of the famous Dutch courtesan Katrina van Katzenellenbogen and her noisy clients.

My publications:

_Death Trap at La Puente: El Físico Nuclear and The Agents of Cal-International Pro Wrestling, Inc._ (Diamond Bar, CA: Viva la Lucha Publications, 1994).

_A Brief History of Invisible Cities, Imagined Communities,and Visionary Empires of the Twentieth Century_ (New Haven, Conn.: False Paper Trail Press, 1975). Translation by Hermester Barrington of _Eine Kurze Geschichte unsichtbarer Städte, eingebildeter Gemeinschäften, und hellseherischer Kaisertüme der zwanzigsten Jahrhundert_, by Nicolas Bourbaki (Zürich: Bibliographisches Institut AG, 1974.

Protozoa of Distant Lands (Arkham: Miskatonic University Press)

2000: _Protozoa of Quijotanía_

1990: _Protozoa of the Leng Plateau_

1987: _Protozoa of Typee and Devil's Reef_

1984: _Protozoa of Maple White Land, Lago Lacar, El Dorado and Roirama_

1981: _Protozoa of Dammed Rivers, Reservoirs, and Artificial Lakes of the Catskills_

Founder of _An Informal Archive of El Físico Nuclear Related Web Links_:

Founder of Seti@home Project's _Protozoans from Outer Space?_: