"Hell", probably the best Father Ted episode ever!

FR.TED: July 19th ... Why does that strike me as important?
DOUGAL: Yes!... Ah, July 19th, I wouldn't know Ted you big bollocks.
FR.TED: I'm sorry?
DOUGAL: I said 'I wouldn't know Ted, you big bollocks'.
FR.TED: Have you been reading those Roddy Doyle books again Dougal?
DOUGAL: I have yeah Ted, ya big gobshite.

It is finally time for the holidays, so Ted takes Father Dougal and Father Jack to a remote camp site, where Father Larry Duff has a tiny, rusty caravan, that they have to share with Father Noel Furlong and four of his parishioners children. Dougal manages to forget the trailer with all his toys AND the scrabble:

FR.TED: Did you bring the travel Scrabble, Dougal?
DOUGAL: I brought the travel Scrabble and the normal Scrabble Ted. The travel Scrabble for when were travelling and the normal Scrabble for when we arrived.
FR.TED: Good man.
DOUGAL: Ah no wait a minute. Now that I think of it. I didn't bring either of them.

During the 24 hours the fathers are camping, they manage to lose Father Jack, get cautioned for indecent assault three times, get blasted with manure and spend a sleepless night in a caravan with a mad priest and 4 singing and dancing adolescents. The setting is almost surreal and the dialogue is outright bizarre at times. Graham Norton as Father Noell is as camp as you can be as a priest without upsetting official priesthood.

In my opinion the best episode. Ever.