A super-hero published by DC Comics.

Wonder Woman is likely the best known of all female super-heroes. Ask someone to name a male super-hero, you are going to get answers ranging from Superman and Batman to Spider-man and Wolverine. But, ask someone to name a super-heroine, they are most likely to say Wonder Woman.

Three women have held the mantle of Wonder Woman. The most famous is Diana of Themyscira. Diana is one of the legendary Amazons, created by the five goddesses of Greek mythology (Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Hestia, and Aphrodite) as a warrior race who were peaceful at heart. Their queen, Hippolyta, longed for a child, which the goddesses granted by endowing a clay figure Hippolyta had created with life. So was born Diana, the Amazon who would one day be known as Wonder Woman.

Threats from Ares, the Greek god of war, caused the Amazons hold a contest to choose a champion to go into the world. Diana was forbidden to participate, but did anyway, hiding her identity. When she won the contests, Diana was given the mantle of Wonder Woman, along with the costume and the Lasso of Hestia (also known as the Lasso of Truth). Diana's reflexes and strength enabled her to deflect bullets with her bracelets and she wears a headband that is made of a nearly indestructable metal, which can be used as a thrown weapon.

Diana left her home, lived for a time in Boston, fighting the forces of evil Dubbed Wonder Woman by the press, Diana had many adventures, joining the Justice League for a time as well as fighting along side many other heroes.

Eventually returning to Themyscira (or Paradise Island as it is also called), Diana found that her mother was not pleased with her actions while she was in "man's world" and another contest was held to see if she would continue to hold her position as Themyscira's representative in the world. Diana lost the contest and an Amazon named Artemis was given the title of Wonder Woman. She only held the title for a short time before dying in battle against the White Magician. Diana then took up the mantle again. Soon however, Diana was also killed due to wounds inflicted upon her by the Demon Neron.

The Greek gods decided that since she had died heroically that she should be rewarded, so they transformed her into the goddess of truth, causing Thomas Bulfinch to roll over in his grave.

The mantle of Wonder Woman now vacant, the gods decided that Diana's mother should become the next Wonder Woman, so Hippolyta took up the call. she was only active for a short time, until Diana returned to Earth to continue her heroics as Wonder Woman. She was finally transformed back into a mortal after angering the gods for her disobedience.

The character of Wonder Woman appeared in as one of the heroes in the 1970's cartoon show the Super-Friends. She was also the star of a 1970's movie starring Cathy Lee Crosby of That's Incredible fame. Finally also in the 1970's a television series starring Lynda Carter aired for a couple of seasons.