A hero published by DC Comics. The Warlord was created, written, and drawn by Mike Grell and first appeared in First Issue Special #8 in 1975.

Travis Morgan was an United States Air Force pilot who was shot down by a Russian MIG during a spy mission. Morgan was able to bail out of the plane and found himself in a strange jungle land. His plane which was flying over the frozen north entered a dimensional barrier as it crashed putting Morgan in the land of Skataris. Skataris was a land populated by strange people and strange ways. Dinosaurs roamed the land and people fought with swords and practiced magic. The land was likely some backwater part of the Savage Land.

Morgan saved a woman named Tara from a rampaging dinosaur and the two traveled together for a time. They fell in love but were captured by slavers and Morgan was forced to fight as a gladiator with the help of another warrior named Machiste, they are able to escape.

Morgan who becomes known to the locals as The Warlord fights evil in its many forms in Skataris. His most persistant enemy is the wizard Deimos, who returned time and again to plague poor Morgan and his friends. Morgan's daughter, Jennifer, comes to Skataris in search of her lost father. She stays and becomes the chief wizard in all of Skataris.

The series was canceled within its first two issues initially, but was brought back and ran for many years. Eventually, the "normal" DC Universe intruded on Skataris and the land was linked to Arion and ancient Atlantis. Darkseid took an interest in it for a time and sent his henchman Desaad to disrupt the land as well. The Teen Titans have even visited this land.