A member of the super-hero team the Avengers published by Marvel Comics.

The original Ms. Marvel was introduced in the 1970's during a time when Marvel comics was introducing a number of heroines based upon their more famous male counterparts. She-Hulk, Spider- Woman and Ms. Marvel were all derivative heroines who often were under-utilized or under-developed.

Carol Danvers is the woman who became Ms. Marvel. She was an Air Force Academy graduate who worked in for the CIA for a time. During her time with the CIA, she came into contact with Logan, a Canadian agent who would later become the X-Man Wolverine.

After her stint in the CIA, Danvers worked with NASA and during that time she came into contact with the Kree warrior Mar-vell. The two became close friends during this time. At one point, she was captured by Mar-vell's enemy Colonel Yon-Rogg. Mar-vell rescued her but during the rescue the two were caught in an explosion of the Kree Psyche-Magnatron. The device altered Carol's genetic code, making her a human-Kree hybrid with increased abilities and even passing on Captain Mar-vell's military training. In this way, Carol became Ms. Marvel.

Initially, Carol had no memory of her experiences as Ms. Marvel, with the two parts having distict personalities. She had the ability to fly and change costume at will, as well as increased stamina, strength, and an increase in her intuitive abilities, referred to as her sixth sense. Eventually, the two parts of her personality merged and Carol experienced all of the adventures she had as Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel became a member of the Avengers for a time. During her tenure, she was manipulated by Marcus,the son of Immortus, the master of time. He abducted her and impregnated her without her knowledge. Returning her to the Avengers, Carol discovered she was pregnant. Confused by the circumstances of her pregnancy and shaken because the pregnancy progressed at a rapid rate, Ms. Marvel was vulnerable to Marcus's further manipulation. Giving birth to the child, it rapidly grew up into its father and Carol accompanied Marcus back to Limbo. There he continued to age at an accelerated rate and died, leaving Carol in Limbo and free from his mind control.

Feeling betrayed by the Avengers for their lack of caring, Carol returned to Earth, but not to the Avengers. While in San Francsisco, she was attacked by Rogue, the ability absorbing villainess, who absorbed both her powers and her personality. Driven mad by having both personalities within her, Rogue threw Carol's unconscious body from the Golden Gate Bridge. She was rescued from drowning by Spider-Woman, who contacted Professor X to aid her friend. Using his telepathic abilites, Xavier was able to restore some of Carol's personality.

Carol remained with the X-Men for a time. During one of their adventures, Carol was captured by the Brood who performed experiments upon her, releasing the full potential of her Kree/Human hybrid. Dubbed Binary, Carol possessed much greater power. She was linked to a white hole, giving her incredible power. She accompanied the Starjammers, a group of space heroes working for the Shi'ar empire during this time.

Eventually, she returned to earth, helping the Avenger Quasar to defend the Earth's sun. The effort left her greatly weakened and she spent time recovering at the Avengers Mansion.

Returning to active status with the Avengers, Carol renamed herself Warbird. She found that her powers were weakening and that along with a drinking problem, caused Warbird to come into conflict with her fellow Avengers. Eventually, she quit the team rather than be placed on reserve status. She has since returned to the team, while she continues to battle her alcholism.