A character published by Marvel Comics. Howard the Duck was created by Steve Gerber and first appeared in Fear #19.

Howard is from another dimension parallel to our own. In this dimension, evolution took a turn in which the intelligent, dominate species on Earth evolved from water fowl. This Earth, known to its inhabitants as Duckworld, is the original home of Howard the Duck. Howard lived in New Stork City until he was brought to this dimension through the meddling of Thog the Nether-Spawn. Thog was a demon who wished to gain power and therefore, began shifting the Cosmic Axis. This shift caused Howard to be pulled from his home dimension to the Nexus of All Realities, which in the Marvel Universe is in the middle of the Florida Everglades.

Howard teamed up with Korrek the Barbarian, an adventurer from another dimension and Jennifer Kale, a budding sorceress to fight the threat of Thog. They were helped by the swamp creature known as the Man-Thing. They defeated Thog, but while journeying home, Howard fell off the Stepping Stones of Oblivion and ended up in Cleveland.

Howard settled in Cleveland for a time, living with a young woman named Beverly Switzer. They fought against a number of odd menaces including the villain Pro-Rata and the man that would become Howard's arch-nemesis, Doctor Bong, a scientist with a bell-shaped helmet.

Howard has made Earth his home, even running for President of the United States at one point, despite the obvious fact that he is not over 35 and a natural resident of the United States.