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Hello. This is my first attempt at a node so it'll be un petite put crap. So. I would normally begin with my name but due to the inordinate amout of psychos and perverts surfing around I have left it at guess. If you really want to know it, it shouldn't be too difficult to find. I'm fifteen and live in smalltown England, somewhere in the hub of culture that is Dorset. I'm an agnostic (non-negotiable) and an anarchist (negotiable). I like RPGs. I don't know what I'm doing. I'm having a chinese tonight. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME??? Um. My eyes are brown. Who is going to read this anyway? It's not like I've got a particularly inspiring username for chrissake. I'm only procrastinating doing chemistry coursework anyway.

Lots of Love,
(see email address thicko)