Pronounced: 'Sef-i-ro(th)
Alternate spellings include:

A Sephira is a node on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The Sepherot, combined, account for the first 10 of the Paths of Wisdom on the Tree of Life. In addition to their correlation with the Paths of Wisdom, each Sephira correlates with a spiritual experience, an emotional focus, a divine name in the Jewish tradition, and an archangel (which differs based on the particular traditions). If that weren't enough, they also each have parallels with an element, an image, a symbol, a color, a plant, a mineral, a metal, an animal, and an incense. There are also personal and psysiological correspondances; each pertains to a part of the body, a personal virtue, and an illusion.

"The essence of the unwritten Qabalah lies in the knowledge of the order in which certain sets of symbols are arranged upon the Tree of Life. This Tree consists of the Ten Holy Sephiroth arranged in a particular pattern and connected by lines which are called the Paths of the Sefer Yetzirah, or Divine Emanations. The Qabalists further placed upon the Paths of the Tree the Signs of the Zodiac, the Planets, and the Elements. which fit accurately and, correctly placed, are found to correspond perfectly with the Tarot trumps, and giving the keys to esoteric astrology and Tarot divination."
-- Dion Fotune