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I prefer to be barefoot..bigfoot would scare me though. Except the one on that show, he probably makes mean cookies..they might scare me but I would just eat them. I don't like chocolate chips but I like brownies..the corner pieces are the best due to th.e crust, I also like the ends of bread because it's like having three times as much crust, but I mostly just like them because they're crispy when toasted..which is also why I like croussants, they are crispy. Who came up with crispy critters? From road.kill? I don't think so, cooked they are not crispy, unless they are burnt maybe. I always shave the crispy part off..The point? I like crispy bread, but not crispy critters. I like crispy vegetables, but not crispy fruit, with the exception of some apple.s and pears. I like pears alot. I also don't like crispy avocadoes but I don't know if they are fruit. Probably. What was the question again?