This is as comprehensive a list of John Waters movies as I can find:

John Waters' movies can be classified into two categories:

Before Polyester.
These are extremely low-budget using Waters' friends as actors. Low production values, but they're what made Waters famous. (Don't take a significant other to one of these unless (s)he's admitted to seeing one already)
After Polyester.
As Waters' cult following grew, he drew the attention of Hollywood: bigger budgets and well-known actors. Worth seeing, but they do show the influence of Tinsel Town (No, Hon, that's not the Christmas decoration display at Hochschild's).

The first time I heard of John Waters was when my sister brought home the Odorama cards from Polyester. Too bad we scratch'n'sniff'ed em. They'd be worth a bundle today.

czeano says: "Apparently the odorama cards were reprinted for the dvd release, but they had to remove the "glue" smell becuase "we can't have kids sniffing glue!" Which is ridiculous considering what else is on the card."