I had to go open my big mouth.

I was somewhat annoyed at Webster 1913 for listing Native American peoples under plural headwords, which resulted in plural node titles. After a quick reconnoitering with fellow deities, I began the task of making these peoples, who had been in their nodes before I came here, migrate once again.

Webster seems to have put MOST Native American tribes under plural headwords. After an hour of excruciating lag, I managed to get a dozen or so:

(kept and firmlinked Blackfeet)

(Mohawk was singular to begin with)

(someone had already done Seneca)

(can't decide what to do with Kansas)

I let myself in for extra work, reparenting several writeups from a singular-titled node to the plural-titled node, then deleting the singular title and renaming the plural back to the singular. For some reason I felt it was important to have the nodeshell "created by" link say Webster 1913. Dont ask me why.

I feel filthy after handling some of the nastiest, most racist writeups we have.