Download Accelerator Plus - A free aplication available at The download accelerator opperates on similar principles to the Morpheus file sharing application's download style. When one makes a request for a download, generally a fairly sizeable one (2 megs+), the download proceeds as one normally would, but instead of ONE request, the DAP puts up to 7 requests for the same file. Each request pulls a different part of the file you desire from the source, thus enabling you to multiply your download speed by as much as 7 fold.

While good in principle, this app is generally useful only to those with broad band capability. A 56k user will appreciate the "download resume" feature, which is nice if something cancels or one gets knocked offline, but they will not enjoy the nice speed boost as they already have a low bandwidth cap. Cable, DSL, and T1/3 users, however, can enjoy the IMMENSE benefits of the DAP. I downloaded Slackware's Linux ISO in 18 hours, and it would normally have taken 3 days. All around, it's a great product, just not for those of the weak of band :)