This is the snake amulet in The Neverending Story that guides and protects Atreyu. More specifically, the amulet has two different places in the story:

It protects Atreyu during his quest to protect the Child-Like Empress. After he, with the help of Baxtor, gives her her new name that saves her from the nothingness, Baxtor gains control of the amulet.

Baxtor learns that the Amulet can give him the power to get whatever he wishes for. In fact, on the back of the amulet is inscribed Do What You Wish. (Since Atreyu was an illerate hunter he never saw that part). The wishes granted by the amulet gave Baxtor the power to rebuild Fantasia from a grain of sand. However, every time he wishes for something (and obtains it), he loses that wish from himself, until finally he empties his mind, almost becoming insane.

If I remember correctly, one of the snakes was purple and the other was white, and they are biting each other's tails. The design is reminiscent of Jormungand.

It would seem that Auryn would (in Indo-European languages at least), mean something to do with Gold.