A user since August 9, 2000, Fairy is the second youngest E2 users known, born December 14, 1987. She's a Lavender Fairy from Australia and is in year 7 at The Tooth Fairy's School For Young Fairies, majoring in spells, and has been seen around Everything granting wishes to young noders. She is Tegan.

Both her and the youngest user have mottos suspiciously similar, were introduced to Everything by their brother, and are fans of Harry Potter, but, I can assure you, they are different people.

Her brother's identity is presently unknown.

Update: On April 11, 2001, the user EasterBunny was born and entered the world of E2. He's now the youngest noder, though his status as a 'noder' could be disputed, as it's uncertain that his two writeups were written by his own hand or whether his cat does the writing for him, as does sensei's cat.