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To get in touch with me: my username here is also my AIM name and my name on excite mail.

ideas to node:

Goddess-based, nude Buddhist guerrilla poetry
he'll help us earn more money
why do all "I am underage" links lead to
coors lite: it kills werewolves
icy tea
who are all these idiots who leave blank replies on web based bulletin boards?
why jonkatz isn't so bad
making money off of warez
banner ad ftp sites suck
She Who Must Be Obeyed
Lou Bega must die
chatting ruined my grammar
Buddy Jesus
people who think they're driving
wilson senior high
"a smile and a pleasant word"
quoting in speeches as a substitute for rational thought
speeches totally lacking in sincericty
humpty dance
don't front like that
why have agregate meta-nodes when you can just search for yourself?
lets have a dozen and pretend they're doughnuts!
when you squeal, i'm just going to go faster and harder (armageddon)
never get involved in a land war in asia
i do not think it means what you think it means
SUV limos
i hearby claim all left lanes
people who think they driving
you just don't pull in front of someone and break
making s's into dollar signs
everything as a form of stand up comedy
maybe we should evolve out of back hair
the fry test
jesus action figures
wedgie picking
oh shit handles
mishearing interestingly
sweet pickles

yup, that's about it....