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"Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action." --Benjamin Disraeli
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on hiatus until free time returns to my life

Welcome to my homenode. (Thanks for stopping by.) If you're interested in reading what I have in store/is on my mind, take a look at my scratch pad. I'd really appreciate your input, even if it's just "Stop with the dang drivel."

Feedback is my friend.

Stuff I'd like to node/write more about:

  • obscure but amusing card games
  • Camden, New Jersey... my birthplace, believe it or not
  • Animal behavior
  • Brass instrument stuff
  • various things about intelligence testing, as I do that nowadays and the tester's perspective is interesting. BUT - there's quite a debate here to begin with... so only if I add something important.
  • GRE
  • More to come as I think of it.

"And to accomplish this feat, we will need a magic wand. A Colt Python 347 Magnum magic wand." --Penn Jillette

That's all for now.

Feel free to contact me with comments, musings, or The Meaning of Life...

And here comes a whole mess of nodes/WUs that I thought were especially cool for whatever reason. (Most of them are either very humorous, very interesting, or have something to do with lamenting one's lack of a girlfriend, which seems to run rampant in my demographic anymore...) Anyway. Thank you for tickling my fancy. I hope I return the favor sometime.

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