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I am basically a web geek. I know hardware, I know software, I can even toss a few lines of code, but what fun is that stuff?

I'm also something of a blockstackers groupie, I guess.

Let's go old-school for a moment - here's my geek code:
GL/MC d--(+) s+: a-->? C++(+++) UL- P+ L+>++ E- W+++>$ N++ o? K w(---)
O- M+ V PS++(+++) PE Y+ PGP t+(++) 5 X++ R(-) tv+ b+++(++) DI++ D
G++ e>++ h-- r y+(*)

you can decode at

If your burning desire to experience the Freakho phenomenon isn't yet satisfied, feel free to email me or go to my site:
j-lacroix AT usa DOT net || ( ||