A somewhat entertaining, if not terribly well-thought-out, anime OVA series, later edited into movie format.

Macross II, as the title should suggest, is set in the Macross universe, several years after the close of the Space War between Earth and the Zentraedi. The formerly nomadic Zentran and Meltran clones have settled into Earth culture, and together the peoples have rebuilt much of the ruined planet. The only threats to the new peace are remaining bands of rogue Zentraedi, easily subdued by exposure to idol singers Earth culture.

Hibiki Kanzaki is a cynical young reporter who thinks that digging up scandal on popular military hot-shots is his ticket to fame. When the Earth faces a new threat of war, and Hibiki finds himself getting closer than camera-range to the action, his life gets ... complicated. Toss in some idoru-resistant Zentraedi, a new galaxy-dominating civilization, a beautiful alien princess, and a love triangle or two, and you have Macross II.

The plot is, as Starrynight suggests, a bit of a mess. The music is fun if you like that sort of thing -- but Wendy Ryder is no Sharon Apple. The beautiful alien princess, though, has green hair, which makes up for some of it.