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Originally thought to be a case of indigestion, FrOblivion proved to be something else altogether.

E2 Tattler - Partial transcript, FrOblivion interview :
24 June 2000

Interlocutor: ...twenty-four june, 2000. OK. Are you ready?

FrOblivion: Ready as I'm gonna get I guess.

Int: Well, first of all, I'd like to thank you for agreeing to this interview. I know you must be very busy with... well, whatever it is you do.

FrO: Not at all, happy to oblige. Though frankly I'd never even heard of your publication before. Is it very big?

Int: Ah, no, not really. We have hopes, though.

Int: Ah, where was I? Oh, yes. We always like to ask new noders why they were attracted to the idea of noding, and how they discovered it and so on. What do you like about the whole concept, at, at E2?

FrO: My goodness, what a lot of drivel. Are you asking a question or making a statement? Is that really the best you can do, my son?

Int: Look, just answer the question. OK?

FrO: Which one? I counted four.

Int: Start with the first. What do you like about noding?

FrO: That's better. Noding reminds me in a way of the way the human brain handles memory access. Nodes of knowledge - facts, fantasy, innuendo, rumors, screwy ideas and strange twists, people, places and things all linked together in a dynamic, constantly changing web. Fascinating, as Spock was wont to say.

Int: And how did you discover it?

FrO: Just lucky I guess.

Int: C'mon, give. Out with it.

FrO: No. It's a boring question. Ask me something interesting.

Int: Ok... Your name, your "Nom de Node" - where did that come from?

FrO: Oh, that's not interesting. I stole it from the title of a song by Frank Zappa called "Father O'blivion." Father O'blivion is the parish priest who mixes the batter at the St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast, which is another title. He also has a very peculiar encounter with a leprechaun. The album is called "APOSTROPHE'." I highly recomend it, it's one of his best.

Int: You stole it?

FrO: Depends on your point of view. Can you really steal an idea? Certainly you can steal the *benefits* of an idea, but the idea itself?...

Int: Ahem. Well,... Let's not get into that.

FrO: Heh. Chicken. Bwaaaawk! Bwawk! Bwawk!

Int: Ahem... Ah, Father...

Fro: Bwaaaaaaawk! Bwak, bwak, bwak...

Int: All right, knock it off. Jesus. Some priest...

FrO: Bless you my son... I'm not really a priest, by the way.

Int: You're not?

FrO: No, but I play one on TV...

Int: Ahem. Well, what the hell *do* you do then? And what are you doing in that filthy, moth-eaten robe? Phew...

FrO: Nope. Uh-uh. Ixnay. I'm not telling. It's really none of your buisiness, anyway. Why in the world would I want to divulge sensitive personal information for any random whacko noder who wanders by to read? What do *you* do for a living? What's *your* girl-friend's address, bucko?

Int: But...

FrO: You see what I mean? You have no need to know.

Int: Ok, Ok, I see. I mean, I guess I understand...

Int: But information wants to be free, doesn't it?

FrO: Nice try, kid. So go free some. I'm not saying.

Int: Grrrrr...

------------------------------------------------------------------ Tape damage - see E2T4352G

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