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I like music.
I like books.
I like technology.
I like thinking.

1: Knowledge is power.
2: Power corrupts.
3: Absolute knowledge is absolute power.
4: Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
5: God has absolute knowledge and absolute power.

Line 1: A cliche which I don't particularly find to be universally true, but for the purpose of this excercise...

Line 2: Less of a cliche than Line 1, but a cliche nevertheless.

Line 3: An extrapolation of Line 1 unto the point of absoluteness.

Line 4: A famous quote which is rarely attributed to the proper originator, Lord John Emerich Acton (1834 - 1902), of England's House of Lords, which was written on April 05, 1887.

Line 5: I am an atheist. I don't believe in God, hence this last statement. For the most part, it's meant in humor, though I realize that it tends to offend people...

This argument is both an original work by myself and an enthymeme. It lacks an explicit conclusion. It is up to the reader to deduce the true conclusion, though I doubt that's too hard...