"You do not swear anymore now, of course, because you can't find any words that are long enough or strong enough to fit the case. You feel degraded and ignominious and subjugated. And there and then you say that you will go away from New York and start over again; and that you will never come back to settle permanently till you have learned to swear with the utmost fluency in seventeen different languages."

- Mark Twain

Well, I can't swear fluently in seventeen languages, but I'm doing pretty well, I think. I'm over half way there (including English). This should be enough to get you by in the following languages:

I don't really speak Arabic, but we use these in Israel alot. In fact, half the Hebrew swearing is actually Arabic.

Incidentally, in Holland, there is an 'Association Against Cursing' ('Bond Tegen Het Vloeken'. Swear words in Dutch usually have to do with God, and they encourage translaters to 'correctly' translate bodily-function English swear words to bodily-function Dutch swear words, and not mix up God in it.

  • lofasz a segedben (pronounced "lofos a shegedbe") - literally horse dick in your ass. This is actually the phrase that got me to write this node. It is amazing (you will agree) that the Hungarians actually have a word for horse dick. It is used more like "fuck off".
There aren't many bad words that I know in Yiddish. It's not really a swearing language.

Not all of these are my mother tongue. I may have made mistakes. Corrections/suggestion are, as always, welcome.